25 Things Christians Can Do Instead of Doomscrolling

Doomscrolling has become a commonplace activity, especially in the era of social media. It can be hard to look away from one negative headline after another, but as Christians, we are called to set our minds and hearts on what is good, true, and lovely.

Doomscrolling refers to the act of spending an excessive amount of time reading large quantities of negative news online. This behavior can lead to feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, or distress and can even cause mental burnout.

It’s a relatively new concept in mental health research but has gained significant attention in recent years due to its prevalence. Learn more about What’s Doomscrolling and Can It Harm Me?

Brothers and Sisters, instead of allowing doomscrolling to take over, we can choose to engage in activities that help us draw closer to God and others. Here are 25 things Christians can do instead of doomscrolling.

1. Pray Without Ceasing

Take time to pray throughout the day, whether it’s for yourself, loved ones, or the world around us.

2. Read Scriptures

Delve into the Word of God and spend time in the Bible, reading and reflecting on its teachings.

3. Talk to People You Love

Reach out to family and friends to check on them and share in conversation and connection.

4. Draw or Paint

Get creative and express yourself through art, whether it’s doodling, sketching, or painting.

5. Start an Herb Garden

Grow something and watch it flourish, even if it’s just a windowsill garden of herbs.

6. Learn to Cross Stitch

Take on a new hobby that requires patience and attention to detail, like cross stitching.

7. Write in your gratitude journal.

Cultivate gratitude by writing down the things you are thankful for and reflecting on them.

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8. Build a LEGO Set

Take on a fun and engaging challenge by building a LEGO set, even if it’s just a small one.

9. Listen to Uplifting Music

Soak in uplifting and inspiring music that helps to raise your spirits.

10. Volunteer Your Time

Give back to your community by volunteering for a local organization or charity.

11. Crochet a Blanket

Take on a rewarding and satisfying project, like crocheting a cozy blanket.

12. Go for a Walk

Connect with nature and get some fresh air by taking a walk in your local park or nature reserve.

13. Take a Relaxing Bath

Take some time for self-care and relaxation by soaking in a warm bath filled with essential oils or bath salts.

14. Read a Book or Magazine

Get lost in a good book or magazine that transports you to a different time or place.

15. Write a Short Story

Get creative and write a short story, even if it’s just for your own enjoyment.

16. Share the Gospel

Spread the love and message of Christ with others by sharing the Gospel with those around you.

17. Clean Up

Take on a household chore that helps to clear your mind and declutter your space.

18. Meditate on God’s Word

Reflect on a specific passage or verse from the Bible through prayer and meditation.

19. Cook a Nice Meal

Take time to prepare a delicious and nutritious meal for yourself or your loved ones.

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20. Play a Cozy Game

Take on a cozy and calming game that promotes relaxation and mindfulness.

21. Have a Comforting Beverage

Savor a warm and comforting beverage, like a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

22. Bake a Lovely Dessert

Whip up a sweet treat that satisfies your cravings and brings joy to those around you.

23. Listen to an Audiobook

Engage in a good story through an audiobook that allows you to multitask and enjoy a good read at the same time.

24. Fellowship with Believers

Connect with other believers and engage in fellowship through a Bible study or church event.

25. Learn Calligraphy

Take on a new skill or hobby, like calligraphy, that helps to engage your mind and be creative.

Instead of being consumed by negative news and events, Christians can engage in activities that help to build up their faith, strengthen relationships, and cultivate gratitude.

Whether it’s through prayer, hobbies, socializing, or personal growth, there are endless possibilities for Christians to engage in instead of doomscrolling.

By choosing to focus on what is positive and uplifting, we can bring light to a dark and difficult world and be a shining beacon of hope.

25 things Christians can do instead of doomscrolling

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