Free Baby Hat Knitting Patterns That Are Too Cute

You can’t go wrong with a cute baby hat. And if you’re looking for some free baby hat knitting patterns, I’ve got you covered. Check out these eleven adorable designs – from simple beanies to more intricate designs.

Grab your knitting needles and yarn, and get ready to knit up something special for the little one in your life. These knitted hat’s also make great baby shower gifts.

Berry Baby Hat

strawberry baby hat

If you’re looking for the perfect newborn gift, this popular hat is the one to choose. I love how you can play around with different colors for this hat. For example, you can make it look like a strawberry by using red and green yarn. Get the pattern for this Berry Baby Hat.

Super Stretchy Baby Hat

stretchy baby hat

This hat gets so stretchy because larger needles are used with fingering yarn. Since this is a one-size-fits-most pattern, you can take comfort in knowing that this hat will fit most newborn infants. Get the pattern for this Super Stretchy Baby Hat.

Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap

Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap

I can’t get over how adorable this baby hat is. The original pattern was written in Norwegian but has since been translated to English. Get the pattern for this Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap.

Simple Baby Hat

simple baby hat

If you’re new to knitting, this hat is the perfect project for you to give a try. The pattern includes sizes preemie to toddler, which means you can make the perfect size based on your needs. Get the pattern for this Simple Baby Hat.

Baby Yoda Knit Hat

baby yoda hat

Baby Yoda will never go out of style. Anyone would be happy to receive this knit hat as a gift for their newborn. Or, if you’re making it for your own child, you’ll love seeing them wear it. Get the pattern for this Baby Yoda Knit Hat.

Sea Monkey Baby Hat

sea monkey baby hat

Here’s the perfect easy hat that only requires knowledge of the knit and purl stitches. It uses a ball of dishcloth cotton yarn, meaning it’s an economical hat to make. That also means it’s machine washable and gentle on a baby’s head. Get the pattern for this Sea Monkey Baby Hat.

Sea Glass Hat

sea glass hat

Introducing the adorable stashbuster! This delightful pattern is perfect for using up your leftover fingering weight yarn, mini skeins, and stash yarn. Get ready to dive into an engaging 1×1 colorwork pattern that will keep you hooked and leave you with endless possibilities. Get the pattern for this Sea Glass Hat.

1-2-3 Baby Beanie

garter stitch baby hat

This is called the 1-2-3 beanie because it can be knit in sizes 0-3, 3-6, or 6-12 months with either 1, 2, or 3 sections of garter stitch striping. If you’re looking for a hat that looks good and works up quickly, this is definitely the pattern to go with. Get the pattern for this 1-2-3 Baby Beanie.

Garter Ear Flap Hat

garter ear flap hat

This gorgeous hat can be made in baby and adult sizes too. So if you like the look of this hat, you can make one for yourself and your newborn, toddler, or child. Get the pattern for this Garter Ear Flap Hat.

Maine Baby Hat

Maine baby hat for charity

Pick out your favorite yarn and make this cute hat. Because these hats are so easy to make and require little yarn, you can make plenty of these to donate to a charity of your choosing. Get the pattern for this Maine Baby Hat.

Barley Hat

barley hat

This cute and trendy baby hat can be knit to have a tighter fit or a more slouchy fit. The finished hat can be made to fit a baby (toddler, child, Adult S, M, L). Get the pattern for this Barely Hat.

Busy Beaver Hat

Busy Beaver Hat

Check out this adorable hat knitting pattern. It’s the perfect project for your busy little one. With easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step photos, you can knit a beaver hat in sizes from newborn to toddler. Get the pattern for the Busy Beaver Hat.

Little Pearl SimpHat

Little Pearl Hat

If you’re looking for a fun and easy knitting project, look no further than this simple baby hat pattern. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to whip up this adorable accessory in no time. Get the pattern for the Little Pearl Hat.

Magic Coffee Baby Hat

Magic Coffee Baby Hat

This super easy pattern has got you covered in four sizes, from newborns to 3-year-olds. There are also some special features like twisted ribbing and a handy i-cord loop on top. Get the pattern for the Magic Coffee Baby Hat.

Modern Rib Hat

Modern Rib Hat

You’re going to love making this modern rib hat. Because the pattern includes sizes from baby to adult, you can create one for your child and a matching hat for you. Get the pattern for the Modern Rib Hat.

Herringbone Hat

Herringbone Hat

You can create three or more hats in various sizes with just three skeins of Looped Yarn Works Dupont DK. Get the pattern for the Herringbone Hat.

Cupcake Hat

Cupcake Hat

This adorable pattern is just as delicious as it looks, complete with a cherry on top; you’ll love making this cute hat. Get the pattern for the Cupcake Hat.

Bunny Beanie

Bunny Beanie

If you’re looking for the perfect winter accessory for your little ones, look no further than the bunny beanie. This adorable hat features bunny ears, giving it a unique and charming touch. Get the pattern for the Bunny Beanie.

Little Fair Isle Hat

Little Fair Isle Hat

If you’re ready to dive into Fair Isle knitting, this hat is the perfect project to get you started. It’s small and manageable, yet still beautiful and impressive. Get the pattern for the Little Fair Isle Hat.

Golden Pear Hat

Golden Pear Hat

This hat is perfect if you need a lovely addition to your baby’s wardrobe. The soft, warm yarn is perfect for keeping tiny ears warm during chilly days. Get the pattern for the Golden Pear Hat.

There you have it, twenty free baby hat knitting patterns that will keep your little one warm and cozy. So get started on your next project and enjoy watching those stitches come together.

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