Easy Scarf Knitting Patterns

If you’re new to knitting, scarves are some of the easiest beginner-friendly projects you can make. Scarves and cowls can be worked up quickly and they usually repeat the same stitch, which helps you get a good grasp of the different stitches in knitting.

These scarves and cowls may look advanced, but they all have a skill level of “easy.” Why not test your knitting skills by making yourself a beautiful handmade scarf or cowl?

In this post, I’m sharing beginner-friendly knitting patterns for scarves and cowls.

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One Row Handspun Scarf

One Row Handspun Scarf

If you’re looking for a quick and easy knitting pattern that you can master in no time, this pattern has just one row to learn and can be easily adjusted to your desired width. It also looks fabulous and suits any gauge. Get the pattern for the One Row Handspun Scarf.

Half + Half Triangles Wrap

Half + Half Triangles Wrap

Wrap yourself in the exquisite beauty of this stunning scarf. Its playful combination of shapes and colors will make you feel stylish and cozy. Get the pattern for the Half + Half Triangles Wrap.

Sunrise Cowl


I love the colors used in this Sunrise cowl. This is a scarp yarn pattern, so if you have some scrap yarn that you want to use up, this is the project for you. Get the pattern for the Sunrise Cowl.

Woven Bridge Scarf


This scarf is great if you’re looking for a quick and easy scarf to create. That’s because it’s made with a lovely bulky yarn. Bulky yarn usually means it’s a much quicker project. Get the pattern for the Woven Bridge Scarf.

Wrapped Up in Cables Sweater Scarf

Wrapped Up in Cables Sweater Scarf

Stay warm with the delightful “wrapped up in cables” sweater scarf. This cozy scarf features sleeves and is beautifully decorated with leaf-like lace and decorative cables. Get the pattern for the Wrapped Up in Cables Sweater Scarf.

Cuello Principiante (Beginner Cowl)

Cuello Principiante (Beginner Cowl)

“Cuello Principiante” means “beginner cowl” in Spanish. This cowl was designed to be an idea first knitting project. The pattern is available in Spanish and English. Get the pattern for this Beginner Cowl.

Monterey Scarf


If you’re looking for a super easy scarf pattern, you have to make this Monterey scarf. You only need to know basic knitting stitches to complete this scarf. Get the pattern for the Monterey Scarf.

Changing Staircases Scarf

Changing Staircases Scarf

This cascading shawl is made with just one skein of fingering weight yarn. The only tools you will need are a size 5 US circular needle with a 40″ cord and a darning needle. Get the pattern for the Changing Staircases Scarf.

Chunky Twisted Cowl


This chunky twisted cowl is so fun to make. It’s a great mindless knitting project that’s cute, trendy, and so warm. Don’t be intimidated by the twist, this project is perfect for beginners. Get the pattern for the Chunky Twisted Cowl.

Versa Cowl

Versa Cowl

With just knits and purls, no complicated cast on or fancy finishing required, you’ll love making this cowl. It can be worn open or folded in half, allowing you to show off your favorite side. Get the pattern for the Versa Cowl.

Snowfall Sweater Scarf

Snowfall Sweater Scarf

This isn’t your average scarf. With its dotted purl texture that mimics a snowfall, it’s a beautiful winter accessory. Simply wrap it around your neck, slide your arms into the sleeves, and pull down the section around your neck for a snug and beautiful look. Get the pattern for the Snowfall Sweater Scarf.

Simple Garter Stitch Scarf


This soft and oversized scarf is great for beginners because it uses the simple garter stitch. You really can’t go wrong with a pattern from All About Ami. Get the pattern for the Simple Garter Stitch Scarf.

Fisherman’s Rib Scarf


This thick and cozy scarf is perfect for the winter months. Choose a yarn color that best suits your personal style. This scarf would also make a great gift. Get the pattern for the Fisherman’s Rib Scarf.

Striped Half + Half Triangles Wrap

Striped Half + Half Triangles Wrap

This gorgeous scarf is the perfect way to add a unique twist to your style. Embracing the concept of duality, this wrap combines a cozy knit with an eye-catching striped design. Get the pattern for the Striped Half + Half Triangles Wrap.

Tasha Scarf


This chunky textured stitch scarf is beautiful. Don’t let the appearance of this stitch intimidate you. This is an easy beginner-friendly pattern. Get the pattern for the Tasha Scarf.

Born Slippy Scarf

Born Slippy Scarf

Create a stunning slip-stitch scarf with ease. This beginner-friendly pattern allows your yarn to take center stage. Prepare to be amazed as beautiful bursts of color come to life in your project. Get ready to shine! Get the pattern for the Born Slippy Scarf.

Longitude Scarf


This beautiful scarf only uses knit and purl stitches. It can be made using a different variety of yarns, including yarns with different textures. If you take a look at the photos for this pattern, you’ll see what I mean. Get the pattern for the Longitude Scarf.

Celine Infinity Scarf


The hood on this scarf can be worn up or down. Photos are included with the tutorial to help you create easy and clean seams. Get the pattern for the Celine Infinity Scarf.

Open-Ended Scarf


This pattern is for a unisex blanket scarf. This scarf is chunky, long, and cozy. It would make a great holiday gift for friends and family. Get the pattern for the Open-Ended Scarf.

Garter Interrupted Wrap


This wrap is absolutely stunning. A video tutorial is provided with the pattern to help assist you with creating your scarf. Get the pattern for the Garter Interrupted Wrap.

Nora Scarf

nora scarf

The Nora scarf was designed for beginner knitters. This pattern works up fast, and because it uses the same stitches, it’s a very relaxing scarf to make. Get the pattern for the Nora Scarf.

Little Hearts Infinity Scarf


I love the pattern used to create this Little Hearts Infinity scarf. A video tutorial is included to help you along the way as you make your scarf. Get the pattern for the Little Hearts Infinity Scarf. There is also a free YouTube video tutorial for the pattern.

Seedling Scarf


This beginner-friendly seedling scarf is absolutely stunning. If you’re new to the seed stitch, this pattern makes learning the stitch so easy. This scarf can be worn folded or as a rectangle shawl. Get the pattern for the Seedling Scarf.

These twenty-one beginner-friendly scarf and cowl knitting patterns will have you creating truly beautiful and stylish winter wardrobe additions.

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