Easy Knitted Sock Patterns for Beginners

Are you ready to take on knitted sock patterns? Get started here with these easy, beginner-friendly knit sock projects that are sure to keep your feet cozy.

I tried to include a variety of knit sock styles so that you can find the perfect pattern for you. There are baby booties, thigh-high socks, knit moccasins, and more.

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Color Palette Socks

Color Palette Socks

Utilize your minis or scrap yarn to effortlessly create stunning colorways with these beautiful socks. You’ll need approximately 250-280 meters of (light) fingering-weight sock yarn. Get the pattern for the Color Palette Socks.

Thigh High Cable Knit Socks


I love this attractive pair of thigh-high knit socks. This tutorial includes a detailed pdf and video to guide you through the process of creating your socks. Get the pattern for these Thigh High Cable Knit Socks.

Sleepy Sheep Socks

Sleepy Sheep Socks

It doesn’t get any cuter than these knitted sheep socks. Use the colors mentioned in the pattern, or choose your own original color palette. Get the pattern for these Sleepy Sheep Socks.

Easy Baby Booties


These easy booties are the perfect beginner project. The basic stitching required are knit and purl, and a little basic cabling. These handmade booties would make great a great baby show gift. Get the pattern for these Easy Baby Booties.

Summer Socks

Summer Socks

If you have some leftover yarn that you need to use up, these socks are perfect. They are warm and cozy, and the size can be adjusted easily to suit preference. Get the pattern for these Summer Socks.

Sausalito Socks


These Sausalito Socks are the perfect way to use up small bits of yarn because they use self-patterning yarn scraps or mini skeins. This pattern is great for advanced beginner knitters. Get the pattern for these Sausalito Socks.

Weekend Shorty Socks

Weekend Shorty Socks

Here’s a delightful and fast knitting project that will bring you joy. These socks are perfect for using up your yarn stash and are designed with vibrant color combinations in mind. With instructions for six different sizes, from toddler to adult, you’ll have fun creating these stylish socks. Get the pattern for the Weekend Shorty Socks.

Modern Mocs 

modern moccasins

I’m in love with these hand-knit modern moccasins. They look so warm and cozy. These mocs would make a great gift to yourself or a great holiday gift for friends and family. Get the pattern for these Modern Mocs .

Skyppy Stripes Socks

Skyppy Stripes Socks

This pattern was released by popular demand. Keep in mind though that this isn’t a complete sock pattern. You will need to know how to knit heels and toes. Get the pattern for the Skyppy Stripes Socks.

Movie Night Slipper Socks


If you’re looking for the perfect pair of socks to lounge in at home, these are the perfect knit socks. This is a beginner-friendly pattern that’s sized at one size fits most. Get the pattern for these Movie Night Slipper Socks.

Basic Socks

Basic Sock

The name of the pattern says it all. The pattern will yield a simple pair of socks that you’ll love making and wearing. Get the pattern for these Basic Socks.

Cottage Socks


These Cottage socks are a bestseller and I’m sure you can see why. They’re absolutely gorgeous. Video support is included to help you along with knitting your socks. Get the pattern for these Cottage Socks.

Ol’ Reliable Top Down Socks

Ol' Reliable Top Down Socks

These socks are worked from the top down. This is because the pattern creator believes that nothing fits better than a heel gusset and they prefer to make their socks this way. Get the pattern for these Ol’ Reliable Top Down Socks.

Cozy Cabin Socks


Looking at these socks makes me wish I was warm and cozy in a cabin by the lake. These thick socks are perfect for the colder months. The skill level for these socks is listed as advanced beginner. Get the pattern for these Cozy Cabin Socks.

Kitty Ankle Socks

Kitty Ankle Socks

These charming two-toned ankle socks are adorned with an adorable kitty chart on the toe and foot. These socks showcase a sleek and seamless short-row heel for optimal comfort. Get the pattern for the Kitty Ankle Socks.

Stillwater Socks


These Stillwater socks are great for beginners, intermediate, and expert knitters. The pattern comes in four different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. That means you can make a pair for everyone in the family. Get the pattern for these Stillwater Socks.

Hermione’s Everyday Socks

Hermione's Everyday Socks

This sock is crafted from top to toe with stylish garter stitch edging. While designed for one size, this pattern can be effortlessly customized to fit any foot size by simply repeating a 4 stitch pattern. Give your feet the perfect fit with this customizable sock pattern. Get the pattern for these Hermione’s Everyday Socks.

Easy Basic Shorty Socks


These basic shorty socks are so fun to make and wear. This pattern set includes 3 separate patterns. The Basic B, All the Frills, and the Pom Squad Sneaker Sock. The patterns are all beginner-friendly. Get the pattern for these Easy Basic Shorty Socks.

Skimmer Socks

Skimmer Socks

If you’re looking for a versatile footwear solution, this pattern is designed to accommodate various foot sizes, from large children to adults of all sizes. To ensure the perfect fit, it is recommended that you measure the arch circumference and foot length of the wearer before beginning. Get the pattern for the Skimmer Socks. You can also watch the video tutorial.

Ode to Barbara Socks


Both beginner and advanced knitters will enjoy making these Ode to Barbara socks. The pattern comes in four different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. That means you can make a pair for everyone in the family. Get the pattern for these Ode to Barbara Socks.

With all of the pattern options for beginners now available, it’s easier than ever to get into knitting your own socks. As you continue to practice, you can become more confident in the ability of your hands and your needles to tackle any complexity that a pattern might offer.

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