20 Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers

Look no further if you’re looking for ideas for spicing up your classroom bulletin board. I’ve compiled a list of some of the cutest and most creative bulletin boards for your classroom.

You’ll find Spanish verb banners, fall-themed bulletin boards, colorful bulletin boards, and more. So if you’re one of those teachers who like to change your bullet board design every month, you can find some inspiration here.

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1. Spanish Verbs Banners

No Land Like Garland bulletin board

These garlands are perfect for any Spanish classroom. And because they’re made of paper, they’re easy to hang up and take down. These banners are a great way to spice up your classroom. Get the Spanish Verbs Banners.

2. Welcome Back to School

Welcome Back to School

If you’re looking for a cool back-to-school activity that also makes an awesome bulletin board, look no further. You and your students will love this cute bulletin board. Get the Welcome Back to School Bulletin Board.

3. Pumpkins in the Patch

pumpkin patches bulletin board
Credit: @ashleymckenzietpt

Fall is just around the corner, which makes this banner perfect for the upcoming season. Creating a festive banner is the simplest and most effective way to get into the spirit. A pumpkin patch-themed banner is perfect for classrooms.

4. Pop-Pin into First

pin into first bulletin board
Credit: @teacherbitsandbobs

A bulletin board can be a great way to add a splash of color and personality to a classroom. Make colorful paper popsicles and put each student’s name on them.

5. Crayon Bulletin Board

Crayon Bulletin Board

Check out this awesome crayon bulletin board for the first day of school! It will be a total hit with students. Imagine their excitement when they see their names on these vibrant rainbow crayons. Get the Crayon Bulletin Board

6. Read and Write Banners

write read garland bulletin board

These read and write garlands are perfect for any classroom. One has a fun pencil design, and the other has reading pages. Your students will love looking at these banners. Get the Read and Write Banners.

7. Throw Kindness Like Confetti

throw confetti sign bulletin board
Credit: @mrs.litz

Let this banner inspire you if you’re looking for a fun and colorful bulletin board idea. This banner is easy to make and only requires a few materials.

8. Today is a Good Day Bulletin Board

Today is a Good Day Bulletin Board

Create the ultimate bulletin board or classroom door with this easy-to-use kit. Personalize your display with fonts that match your unique style and classroom decor. Get the Today is a Good Day Bulletin Board.

9. Be the Reason Someone Smiles

be the reason someone smiles bulletin board

Remind your students about the importance of kindness with this “Be the reason some smiles” bulletin board. I love the beautiful font and vibrant colors. Get the Be the Reason Someone Smiles Bulletin Board.

10. Colorful Year

get ready for a colorful year bulletin board
Credit: @katieplus4

Let your imagination run wild with a big, bold, and bright classroom bulletin board. This board features a large paintbrush, big paper flowers, and more.

11. Future of Our World

the future of our world bulletin board

This bulletin board set says, “the future of our world is in this classroom.” These letters are made from Astrobrights card stock and are ready for you to hang. Get the Future of Our World Set.

12. Be Kind

you can be anything bulletin board

This is a ready-made bulletin board that says, “In a World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind.” The letters are cut from cardstock and come in black and bright multicolors. Get the Be Kind Letters.

13. Hello Kindergarten Bulletin Board

Hello Kindergarten Bulletin Board

Get ready to level up your classroom decor with this awesome bulletin board. Whether you want a small bulletin board or a large one, this kit is the perfect fit. Get the Hello Kindergarten Bulletin Board.

14. Rainbow of Possibilities

rainbow of possibilities bulletin board
Credit: @katieplus4

As any teacher knows, the bulletin board is essential to the classroom. They can display fun facts and names, celebrate student achievements, and promote a positive learning environment. Get the Rainbow of Possibilities Set.

15. We All Fit Together

we all fit together bulletin board
Credit: @lightbulbmomentslearning

Here’s a great way to display the students’ names. Each name is written on a puzzle piece with the phrase “We all fit together in our classroom” written above the pieces. Get the We All Fit Together Letters.

16. Welcome Back Bulletin

welcome the books missed you bulletin board
Credit: @teaching_with_heart__

A bulletin board can be a great way to welcome back students after a break. You can use them to display important information and announcements or to add a bit of color to the classroom.

17. Pencil Bulletin Board

Pencil Bulletin Board

Get ready for the first day of school with this epic pencil bulletin board. Your students are gonna go nuts when they spot their names on these super cool pastel pencils. Get the Pencil Bulletin Board.

18. Frida Bulletin Board

frida image bulletin board
Credit: @mister.senor

Go all out with a Friday bulletin board. Frida is often thought of as a feminist icon. She was a prolific artist who used her work to explore the female experience, often through the lens of her own life.

19. Fall Printables

fall board bulletin board
Credit: @ashleymckenzietpt

Give your classroom a fall look easily by placing fall-themed printables on a poster designed to look like wood. Get the Fall Printables on Teachers Pay Teachers.

20. Amazing Things Happen Here

bulletin board ideas - amazing things happen here
Credit: @princessstephs

Get ready to experience a burst of color and creativity with this bulletin board idea for your classroom.

I hope you found inspiration from these ideas and that they help to make your classroom a more lively and engaging place.

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