9 Christian YouTube Channels You Should Check Out

There’s no doubt that YouTube has become a great way to view Christian content. And when it comes to Christian YouTube channels, there are plenty of great options out there. Here are a few of the top Christian YouTube channels you should check out.

Before we get into the channels, I want to say that as I’ve grown in my knowledge of the scriptures, my channel recommendations have changed. In the beginning, I would update this post to reflect those channels.

However, I’ve realized that even channels that I no longer watch have played a role in my journey to finding the truth. So, even if I no longer watch some of these channels, I will leave them up, and hopefully, they can help you on your journey too. Always use discernment when it comes to who you decide to listen to.

1. TruthUnedited


The goal of TruthUnedited is to discuss subjects that most Christians shy away from. If you believe it’s important to be honest about the difficult topics in our faith, TruthUnedited will help start some important conversations on Christianity. 

2. The Bible Project

The Bible Project

The Bible Project is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to learn more about the Bible. Their engaging and visually-rich videos make complex topics easy to understand, and they have a deep respect for scripture.

If you’re looking to grow in your faith or learn more about the Bible, this is a great channel to check out.

3. Parable of the Vineyard

Book of Enoch

On Parable of the Vineyard, Adam has created a space dedicated to embracing, nurturing, growing, and fellowshiping with other Torah observers. This channel strives to cultivate an atmosphere fueled by the Spirit, expressing our gratitude to YHWH, our Father. He also does a weekly Shabbat livestream.

4. Pastor Landon

Pastor Landon

Pastor Landon helps people grow in their faith through knowledge of the Bible. He provides fun and helpful Bible studies and much more.

I really enjoyed watching the Full Bible Walkthrough series, where he discusses the books of the Bible in bite-sized chunks. Pastor Landon’s YouTube channel is an excellent resource for Christians.

5. THE BEAT by Allen Parr

THE BEAT by Allen Parr

The B.E.A.T (Biblical Encouragement And Truth) by Allen Parr is an online ministry that produces creative, practical, and easy-to-watch videos. Allen is dedicated to spreading the gospel and sharing the love of Christ with as many people as possible. Allen releases a new video every Tuesday and Friday.

6. Isaiah Saldivar

Isaiah Saldivar

Isaiah Saldivar is a revivalist training believers to live a supernatural lifestyle. Revival refers to a spiritual reawakening from a state of dormancy or stagnation in the life of a believer. 

7. 21st Century Reformation

Whaddo You Meme

Whaddo You Meme helps viewers understand how Christianity makes sense by debunking anti-Christian videos and memes. The intent of this channel is to help others grow their understanding of the Gospel’s meaning in their life.

8. Grow in Faith Grow in Christ

Grow in Faith Grow in Christ

I’ve recently discovered the channel Grow in Faith Grow in Christ, and I really enjoy it. Pastor Emilio Gonzalez Jr. creates videos to encourage growth in the knowledge and faith of Jesus Christ (Yahusha Ha’Mashiach). Make sure you check out their YouTube shorts for quick bursts of inspiration.

9. AOC Network

AOC Network

AOC Network (Ambassadors of Christ) creates documentaries to strengthen your walk in Christ. They create content that is Biblical, educational, and provides value to all followers of Christ.

Final Words on Christian YouTube Channels

These are just a few of the great Christian YouTube channels out there. If you’re looking for somewhere to get started, I highly recommend any of the channels listed above.

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